Retail Interior Design Services

Retail store interior ‎design depends on how harmoniously the shop-shelves and the interiors look to the eye.

We make quality interior solutions that meet ‎the marketing requirements of the retail store. The likelihood of buying products depends on how ‎harmoniously of the shop-shelves and the interiors are in general.
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AFAP Decoration provide comprehensive ‎services, which start from concept creation to implementation of the ‎idea.‎
Each retail store interior design created by us will be inclusive of: ‎
‎• Plan to do dismantle partitions, utilities, window and door blocks ‎effectively
‎• Installation plan of the finally designed blueprint‎
‎• Space planning as per zone requirement‎
‎• Arrangement of furniture and sales apparatus‎
‎• Beautiful ceiling decor, cornices, lighting arrangement
‎• Placement of electrical devices‎
‎• Selection of lighting devices & their placement‎
‎• Efficient ventilation layout for better ambience‎
‎• Economical placement of air conditioning‎
‎• Detailed floor plan with the raw material selection
‎• Attractive wall decoration plan

Office Interior Design Company

We work extensively in modern & classic style design.  We create exceptionally appealing designs which also provide the best functional support to reflect the uniqueness of your brand.   We have expertise in providing designing solutions to build economical & sustainable interiors for the offices.

We broadly work to build offices using the below elements:

  • Measuring the place to estimate the capacity
  • Setting up of partitions
  • Finishing the installation
  • Arrangement of furniture to create optimum space utilization
  • Doorways building for attractive entrances
  • Flooring and flooring materials are installed
  • Ceilings can be decorated
  • Placement of lighting devices to create a brighter ambience
  • Placement of sockets without compromising on decor
  • Air conditioning & related installation
  • Sections are built to segregate work stations
  • Visualization of main rooms to create optimum effect for our clients.

Turnkey Interior Design Solutions

Each of these capacities – in development, production and design – are central to our mission, process and philosophy.

Our common goal is to provide the most exquisite interior design solutions, showcasing the creativity and world class credentials of Al Fan Al Platini Decoration.