Custom Furniture Design for Hotels

AFAP Decoration offers an extensive range of superior quality commercial furniture coupled with exceptional customer care service which makes it easier to design your own customized furniture for hotels.

Hotel Interior Design Service

Our skilled professionals have the competence to create an alluring & completely functional design, which meets the complex requirements of the hospitality industry.

Our services strike a perfect balance between both the needs of the guests & employees.

. Our creative ideas will add unique elements to the design, which will help to achieve supreme productivity by employees.

Below is an overview of our services:

  • Dismantle procedure for partitions, utilities, windows, doors etc
  • Installation of furniture & fixtures
  • Placement of partitions
  • Segregation of the premise a per the decided zones
  • Beautification of the ceilings
  • Placement & installation of lighting
  • Decorative flooring

Hotel Exterior Design Services

The outer appearance of any hotel is the first thing any guest will notice.

Under the Hotel exterior designing process, landscape developing is very important. For any guest, the luxurious stay has multiple dimensions. Getting a remarkable view of the hotel is one of them.


Restaurant interior design company in UAE

By creating beautiful designs, we set the correct mood and atmosphere for the guests at the restaurants & Cafes.

Not just designing but also the outfitting will be a smooth journey for our clients.

Spa Interior Design Services in UAE

The spa is not just a place to relax for the guests, but also an opportunity to showcase the distinctiveness & service superiority to them.

Every detail of the spa interior will be well researched & understood.